Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Helen Rose by Martha Raively, 1993

From the collection of Chris Cannon: "This is my mother Helen Rose--and the exact clothes she wore in 1920-1925. She grew up in Philadelphia."

Barbara Britton

A rarely seen celebrity set.

Mein Schelm-My Rogue 1920s

Absolutely lovely, and what a title. German, 1920s.

The Dapper Don Cut-Out Set

Anyone googling the Dapper Don in search of John Gotti will now find this fine young man instead!

A blue-ribbon entry, and I'm going to say it's Deanna Williams' but I'll have to check to make sure...

UPDATE/CORRECTION: This is from the collection of Peggy Ell.

Katie, Selchow & Righter, c. 1920s

From the collection of Louise Leek.

The Artists Sweatshop II

A Bruce Patrick Jones watercolor.

I think this is a collage-type outfit by Kwei-lin Lum; one of my favorite artforms is collage, and I was happy to see others tried their hand at it, too:

The Artists Sweatshop I

Bruce Patrick Jones had an excellent idea when he came up with the Artists Sweatshop: Have participants come up with ideas for a theme on which six paper doll artists would create a paper doll and outfits within one hour; six people at each artist's table would also lend a hand in the creation, and one would win a prize if their theme was selected. The three-hour workshop was a big hit: it combined a hands-on experience with the privilege of watching an artist at work, too! Themes included the Statue of Liberty and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Above: a snappy dress by Marsha King.

Two lovely gowns above by Agnes Poropatic.

Two gowns above are by Debra Van Dyke, "nerfekiti."

By Helen Wilson, sister of Agnes and Margie Seltzer, who did our convention badges.

By Martha Davis, whose handcrafted paper dolls were also a big hit at the convention.

Two Jans

Jan McKay and Jan Belcher.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Toymaker

Marilyn Scott Waters is The Toymaker -- a site filled with paper toy images to download for FREE. She recently posted these paper dolls. Go to www.thetoymaker.com to get the larger pdf version (and additional costumes). If you can, you can contribute a little something via PayPal. Marilyn is so generous with her art and talent.

Try your hand at constructing some of her paper toys. She has easy to follow instructions for these and other toys:

Miki Gross

Miki Gross has also produced her version of Katy Keene. Miki started publishing a fashion quarterly this month--congratulations, Miki, looks good! Left click on each picture for larger picture, and to read ordering information.

The New Katy Keene

Today I'm posting a few images found since the convention. Here's the latest Katy Keene, as seen in the Model Behavior comic book (this one is being marketed as a graphic novel).

Wacky Magnets

Several convention goers visited the Green Flea on Columbus Ave. and 77th St. in Manhattan and bought a few items from Carolyn Smith's Wacky Magnets-- her very own trademark business of magnetizing paper dolls. You can't see it too well in these pictures, but each paper doll and outfit is laminated and magnetized.

Check out Carolyn's web site if you missed her in August, www.wackymagnets.com. Carolyn expressed an interest in joining us in Las Vegas, so I hope to see her there.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Edwardian girl with cabana

A blue-ribbon winner from the collection of Letty Schwarz. The doll is quite lovely; be sure to click on the picture for a closer look.

Peter and Polly by Hilda Miloche

From the collection of Anne Donze, a blue-ribbon winner by a beloved artist. The clothes stay on with static cling.

Eugenia by Kwei-lin Lum

Eugenia, a Mildly Melancholy Bride, made by Kwei-lin using a damask patterned scrapbooking pad found at Target. Ingenious use of common scrap materials, and a wonderfully imaginative story to go along with it. "The character somehow managed to find a story," Kwei-lin writes in her caption (click on pictures to read), "so the set was mounted and words were added."

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Editors of Paperdoll Review

Jenny Taliadoros and Marilyn Henry have been busy! Check out Jenny's blog for information about the latest issue of Paperdoll Review, with a gorgeous cover by Marilyn. Shipping in October.

And did you know Marilyn is working on a Ginger Rogers paper doll book, ready by December?

See the cover art, also on Jenny's blog: www.paperdollreview.blogspot.com/

A Chrysler Paper Toy

Another blue-ribbon paper toy from the collection of Deanna Williams, as displayed in Competition. Deanna is also planning a Fall Frolic AND next year's convention in Las Vegas. See the new category, "events" on the right for more information, and click on the link to opdag, which has more details.