Thursday, October 30, 2008

Helping out in the Raffles Room

My husband Rob and his mom, Lois Gebeloff keep track of the tickets and cash in the Raffles Room on the Saturday Sales Room Day. By volunteering to monitor Raffles that day, they gave a break to Grace and Katherine Keene and Ron Fong who did a lot of work setting up the room, selling tickets and standing guard over the raffle treasures. (Many experienced paper doll convention organizers told me how important it is to have trusted family and friends involved as volunteers, so that collectors won't miss out.)

Lois and Norman and my extended in-law family were a great help during the event, including their grandchildren Marissa Rozenfeld and Rachel Gebeloff, who along with my sister-in-law Cindy and her husband Steve Rozenfeld helped deliver the goodies when raffle prizes were called. Rachel, the daughter of Rob's brother, was visiting from Florida.

Marissa and Rachel in the lobby of the Embassy Suites, Piscataway. They attended Saturday's banquet, and now they both know who Ethel Merman and Mary Martin are!

Lois, her grandson Joshua Rozenfeld, Rob and Steve.

Joshua (back to camera), Steve, Cindy and Marissa (Rachel just outside the frame).

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