Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en

Pat Corte Rooney drew "Little John" for today's UFDC regional Halloween Dinner, hosted by the Young at Heart Doll Club of N.J. in Cape May. The theme: "A Victorian Holiday in Cape May," a shore town here in Jersey famous for its Victorian houses and flair.

"Little John" is based on an actual souvenir doll designed and handmade by Rosemarie Snyder. Pat tells me that "Little John" is upset because his Trick Or Treat bag has a hole in it: "This happened to the artist's son and he wore a devil costume…which also made him upset!"

Rosemarie Snyder's doll is an antique reproduction; the clothes are not removable and his body is stuffed. For her paper doll version, Pat kept "Little John" trim in order to place the tabs, "and he had to look good in his undies!" She generously sent me a copy in the mail, and allowed me to place it on the blog today. Thank you, Pat!

I'll be interviewing Pat Corte Rooney soon about her paper doll art for an upcoming issue of Paper Doll Review.

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