Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Ephemeral

Collecting ephemera is such a joy. There is the sense with each discovery of rescue, something saved from the dustbin (or these days, the garbage compactor and recycling bin). Webster's dictionary defines ephemeral as "lasting one day" and "short-lived; transitory."

The doll on the left, found at convention, is played with, incomplete and shows wear. Cut-out paper dolls are the ones I love best -- usually less expensive, and always dear because they were well loved by some child long ago. They hold all the dreams and fantasies of childhood play.

My new blog, The Paper Collector, will launch Nov. 1, and will feature ephemera, paper dolls and toys, information about conventions and parties and much more. I'll post a few more convention items here within the next week.

Below, some of my father's favorite movie stars: Clark Gable, Ava Gardner Rita Hayworth and Charlie Chaplin. I found the Chaplin pantin online years ago, and made a copy to cut and assemble for my father. He also loved Jane Fonda, and she's on my search list for the next convention in Las Vegas.

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