Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Emcee

David Wolfe did an outstanding job as master of ceremonies at the convention--he provided us with a fabulous souvenir AND some great video clips of Mary Martin and Ethel Merman from their famous 1953 TV special.

The link below will take you to and a snippet of what we saw at the Saturday banquet. What you can't hear is what filled the banquet hall that evening: an impromptu sing-a-long, only missing Gene Maiden's clear, strong voice as in conventions past. (He is doing much better, and is already helping Deanna Williams plan next year's convention in Las Vegas.)

Mary Martin and Ethel Merman

I'd heard of the famous Martin-Merman special, but never saw it before--so thank you, David!

Something new to me was David's video flashback at Thursday's banquet: Mary Martin's hilarious history of fashion, using only the long black sheath she wore and a handful of props (unfortunately not available on youtube)--and that video was just a prelude to David's slide show taking us behind the scenes of Fashion Week in NYC. It was a fun peek at what goes on when the runways go up in Bryant Park!

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