Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Jersey Historical Society

Calling all photographers! I need your photos of the Anna Lindner exhibit at the NJ Historical Society.

A selection of Anna Lindner's handmade paper dolls were brought out just for us--they were exquisite watercolors of dolls with two-sided clothing. Curator Tim Decker gave me a copy of his notes, so as soon as I have pictures, I will add his narrative to the blog as well.

Many of you approached Decker and Linda Epps, president of the society who addressed our group, about reproductions of the Lindner collection. An excellent idea, and one I will reiterate in my own thank you note to the society.

Meanwhile, I hope many of you will write to the society as well, and perhaps add a small contribution. Like many small cultural institutions, the society depends on donations to keep going. They also have an online auction scheduled for Sept. 1 as part of their fundraising effort--and no, I do not think they are auctioning off any Lindner paper dolls!

New Jersey Historical Society
52 Park Place
Newark, NJ 07102

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