Friday, August 29, 2008

Bonnie Hanson

Bonnie Hanson of Carver, Mass., was a big winner at the Competition.

Bonnie had last attended a paper doll convention in Atlanta, I believe. She called me when she saw the announcement of the convention in one of the antique weeklies (we sent press releases out to several). She had fond memories of her last convention, but somehow, she fell out of the convention loop. We're glad she's back in!

I know Garth will send along his comments to fill us in on Bonnie's wins; they'll be posted in the comments section, so be sure to click on the comments link right below this post.

Bonnie also displayed her handcrafted Shirley Temple tribute.

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Garth said...

Oh, Bonnie did very well indeed.

Her Paper Doll Playhouse won a
3rd Place ribbon in the United
States after 1950 category.

Her Hallmark set took a 2nd place
in Greeting Card Paper Dolls.

Her Bridge Tallies Scrapbook
won a Blue Ribbon in Bridge

"Natalie" took a 2nd Place Ribbon
in Magazine Paper Dolls, pre-1950.

Bonnie's Shirley Temple, shown in
the lower picture, took 1st Place
for Original Art, Non-Professional,
and won the Popular Grand Award
(that's the big White Rosette
that she's holding in the upper

And - - her French Opera Theater
won a Blue Ribbon for Paper toys,
pre-1900, plus a Popular Special
Award (that's the Red Rosette in
the upper picture.)

I'll send a picture of the French
Opera Theater.