Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Torchy Brown by Jackie Ormes

I've been fascinated with the life and work of Jackie Ormes ever since I came across her story in a Trina Robbins book about women cartoonists. And now, thanks to Nancy Goldstein, we have the story in full.

Nancy's book, "Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist," was just published by the University of Michigan Press. NPR interviewed Nancy a few days ago, and the book will be reviewed in the next issue of the New York Times Sunday Book Review (March 30). Way to go, Nancy!

Don't have time to listen to the NPR interview? Can't get the NYT Book Review? Not to worry--Nancy will be presenting at the convention, and she will have the book available for sale.

The Work of Cartoon Artist Jackie Ormes--with Nancy Goldstein. Limit: None. Free.

The Torchy shown here is from my collection, and ran in the March 3, 1951 edition of the Pittsburgh Courier.


Grand Life said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I have a large collection of 40's and 50's original paper dolls. 20 years ago I was quite active but then found other interests so put them away for awhile. They are a great hobby-- so much childhood there. I was fortunate to find the two special ones I had, Betty Hutton and daughters and Jane Russell.

Linda said...

I hope you'll join us in August!

BlackDollEnthusiast said...

I am writing an article on black paper dolls. Would it be possible for me to use your image of the Torchys Tog paper doll as Ms. Ormes's paper doll is mentioned in the article? A full courtesy credit will be given to you if the editor of the publication uses your image. Thanks in advance!