Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can you identify these dolls?

Just received this email from Barbara in Southern California:
"Attached are pictures of paper dolls that were my mother's. Any information you can give me about their origin, names, who made them, etc. would be greatly appreciated."

UPDATE: I've had two responses so far, one from Anonymous in the comments section below, plus this email from Jean Sullivan: "It appears to be Dennison's #34 set as shown in Mary's 20th C. Paper Doll reference book. The dolls are articulated so the limbs can be adjusted."


Anonymous said...

The three dolls are Dennison dolls.
The costumes appear to be from
"Dennison's Crepe and Tissue Paper
Doll Outfits", Dennison #33,
published in 1916.

JLauren said...

I DESPERATELY need some one to help me identify some vintage paper dolls. Please look at them on my blog

and let me know if you have any info at all, or if you've ever seen these.

Thanks so much,

Janna said...

Hi Linda,
I'm sorry to randomly leave my comment and request on your blog. My name is Janna Lafferty, I'm not a paper doll expert, but I'm an assistant curator at a historical museum and we are considering taking in some paper dolls into our collection. We were given a bunch of paper dolls from a donor who played with them as a little girl. She says most of them are from the 1930s, and as we have been researching and identifying them, we've found that they range from the 1930's-1960s. There are some that we are having a very hard time identifying though, including this set of ethnically diverse children--some sore of "children of the world" paper doll set.

I figured my next best bet would be to post the pictures so that expert collectors of paper dolls might be able to help me. I found your blog and was very impressed that people were able to help identify these paper dolls put up here.

I hope you don't mind.

Thanks for leaving your note.
Best regards,