Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Convention Spotlight: Mary Young

We're honored that Mary Young will be participating in the 2008 convention. She brings decades of experience and a depth of knowledge that are unique in the paper doll collecting world.

Her guide books are required reading for serious collectors. You can find her books, "20th Century Paper Dolls" and "Tomart's Price Guide to Saalfield and Merrill Paper Dolls" at www.paperdollreview.com. "Magazine Paper Dolls" can be found occasionally through second-hand book dealers who list on eBay, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For those of you who missed the earlier post, here are the workshops Mary Young will be giving. She'll be working in tandem with longtime collector Peggy Ell. If you have a mystery paper doll cut from a newspaper, odds are good that Peggy knows exactly what it is.

Paper Dolls in Unique and Unusual Form and Format. Limit: None. Free.

Identifying your 20th Century Mystery Paper Dolls. You must put your mystery paper doll in a clear protective sleeve with your name on it. Participants can bring no more than two mystery items. Limit: None. Free.

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