Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mystery paper dolls!

Just received this comment on an earlier blog posting, but want to make sure everyone sees it. Can anyone out there help Janna?
"Hi Linda,I'm sorry to randomly leave my comment and request on your blog. My name is Janna Lafferty, I'm not a paper doll expert, but I'm an assistant curator at a historical museum and we are considering taking in some paper dolls into our collection. We were given a bunch of paper dolls from a donor who played with them as a little girl. She says most of them are from the 1930s, and as we have been researching and identifying them, we've found that they range from the 1930's-1960s. There are some that we are having a very hard time identifying though, including this set of ethnically diverse children--some sort of "children of the world" paper doll set. I figured my next best bet would be to post the pictures so that expert collectors of paper dolls might be able to help me. I found your blog and was very impressed that people were able to help identify these paper dolls put up here. I hope you don't mind."

Not at all Janna! That's what we're here for. OK, collectors, what can we tell Janna about this mysterious set? And Janna will you be posting mysteries on your blog on a regular basis?

All of these images were taken from Janna's blog at:

UPDATE: From Cindy Wuthrich: "The dolls are from Whitman #3081 boxed set titled 10 Dolls from as Many Lands, 1934. It is pictured on page 131 of Tomart's Guide to Lowe & Whitman by Mary Young. Your 4 dolls are Dutch, Czechoslavakian, Spanish, & Chinese."

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JLauren said...

Thank you so much for posting these and helping me out. And yes, I do have more paper doll mysteries now on my blog, if there are any paper doll experts who are interested in taking a look.

Thanks again,