Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prayers for John Axe

John Axe, sitting left in this photo with Bruce Patrick Jones, is a longtime paper doll artist and supporter who was indispensable in San Antonio. Now comes word from Joyce McClelland that John will undergo surgery on Tuesday. She would like us to spread the word so that friends can keep him in their prayers:

"Hello Everyone, This should be the season of good cheer. However, one of our paper doll friends is having a very hard time being of good cheer this season. Many of you know that John Axe has been having a very difficult time since July. Among other things he has had pneumonia and recently he had an auto accident. These issues pale compared to the news that he has just received. John will undergo surgery on Tuesday to remove a brain tumor. He does not know if the tumor is malignant or benign (the doctor says that information will only be available after the surgery) but he is very worried because cancer runs in his family. One of his sisters died of a malignant brain tumor. He has asked me to tell his pd friends, and I am asking you to keep him in your prayers. I know I don't have a complete list of the individuals who know John so please pass this info along to those who may not be included in this email. Joyce"


Garth said...

John will be at the Cleveland
Clinic, and will have tests on
Tuesday, Dec. 18, and the surgery
on Wednesday the 19th. He'll
probably be in the hospital until
the 23rd or 24th, possibly longer.

One_Dude said...

John Axe is my cousin and I have sad news to report today. John passed away yesterday 17 November 2008 in Youngstown, Ohio. I know that John has many friends in your community and perhaps you can circulate the news of John's passing. Funeral arrangements are pending at this time and I will try to post that information when I get it. John is survived by his sister Bette Ann and by several cousins.

Thank you for being his friends,

John Dudas

Linda said...


I am so saddened to hear of his passing. John Axe was a tremendous artist, friend and collector. I'm going to miss him.

Joe said...

I knew John for many years as we graduated from high school together and attended our last class reunion in 2005, our 50th. John had accomplished many tasks and I´m sure all our classmates will miss him at our next reunion.