Saturday, December 15, 2007

Peggy Ell on the Mystery Doll

From Peggy Ell:

"I saw the unknown newspaper lady on the convention blog today & am able to ID her. She is "Connie, the Cut-Out Doll, Has All Her Frocks for Her Many Winter Parties". She was published in 1933. Her clothing is: print gown - Connie Attends a Tea Party; Her Blue Shopping Dress; Her Dainty Black & Yellow Lounging Pyjamas; and Connie Goes to the Theatre [purple gown]. I have attached a scan of the uncut panel (scanned in two parts & then stitched). There is no artist signature.

"On the back is an announcement that "Nearly 3,000 Grade School Children Attend the World-Herald Birthday Party Each Month". I googled World-Herald newspaper and found only the Omaha World-Herald. The two comic strips that are on the back are drawn by Harold Gray & are copyright by the Chicago Tribune. "

Thank you, Peggy, for filling us in. It's great to see this set uncut.

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