Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Girl Sleuths and Juvenile Series Books

At the Indianapolis Convention in 2006, John Axe gave a presentation on Juvenile Series Books and distributed a wonderful booklet about the authors and dust jacket artists. He also created a lovely souvenir, his tribute to Girl Sleuths. The back and front covers are shown here; there are two additional pages of outfits.

Here's an update from Joyce McClelland:

"Hi Everyone, Just wanted you to know that I spoke with John today much to my surprise. I expected him to be in the hospital. However, his surgery has been post poned until Dec.27. His doctor has called another doctor to perform the surgery, and this surgeon is not available until then. John was hoping that it would all be over by now but instead he has '9 more sleepless nights' a head of him. I will keep you all posted on his situation. Joyce"

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