Saturday, December 1, 2007


Deanna Williams publishes Cornerstones four times a year, and the current issue is chock full of information about the history of Santa Claus and Old Saint Nick, plus a bounty of Santa paper doll imagery. Deanna's research is exhaustive! And what fabulous finds in her collection:

A Helen Page Santa Claus -- doublesided, with a paper doll and three outfits that slide out of the sack on his back. Charles Ventura did a Santa Claus paper doll! (who knew? Deanna did.) David Wolfe did his version of Santa's Wedding with a Mr. and Mrs. Claus that look positively robust. Lone Nunnally's Origami Bear dons Santa outfits here, too. Tom Tierney did a 3-D Santa and Mrs. Claus figures but I especially like his self-portrait in jammies with Santa outfit. Bruce Patrick Jones did a Brad Pitt like Santa and a Whoopi Goldberg Santa, too. Terri Pettit has some adorable elves with Santa outfits, and Jayne Keller designed a paper doll ornament with a doll with her own Santa-like outfit and wearable tree.

Great historical find: "Aw, Cut It Out," a 1942 risque paper doll--pretty wild for the time. Let's just say Ms. Santa is shapelier than usual, and she looks kind of chilly. In the same spirit (but with more clothing) Larry Bassin's colorful centerfold is delightful, and shows Santa contemplating his own kind of rooftop merrymaking.

One cannot discuss Cornerstones without discussing the Fruitland Chronicles of Gene Maiden and Tom Tierney. A flight of fancy and imagination that will set you laughing out loud!

Cornerstones, $24/U.S; $28/Canada; $33 overseas. US funds only.
Make check payable to Cornerstones and mail to: Deanna Williams, 733 de la Fuente, Monterey Park, CA 91754.

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