Friday, February 22, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi

Fashion designers have a special affinity for paper dolls. In 1997 Simon & Schuster published "The Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel," a highly collectible three-volume comic book set, written by Isaac Mizrahi and illustrated by William Frawley. In addition to the "Yvesaac" paper doll, there's "Sandee" and "Dorothy Dunhill" paper dolls. The book measures 10 x 15 inches, so I stitched together two separate scans for each of the images of Yvesaac and his clothes.

The cover image was taken from the Amazon web site, where "Sandee" is still available.

From the Amazon summary:

“In Volume 1, Sandee Takes New York, Isaac, in the guise of Yvesaac -- bandanna, attitude, and all -- reveals how he discovered the bewitching Sandee. In Volume 2, Psandee's Psychic Adventure, Sandee heeds a psychic's warning about a man "full of hollow gold" and basks in supermodel immortality. Volume 3, You've Read the Book, Now See the Movie, is a wicked roman à clef of Mizrahi's own struggles in getting his documentary Unzipped made. Internecine fashion wars abound, but the documentary on Sandee, called False Eyelashes, wins the Academy Award and everyone lives happily ever after.”

Mizrahi was recently appointed creative director for the Liz Claiborne label.

More fashion designer paper dolls: The two sisters behind the Rodarte label, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, also famously created paper doll sets for their first line of clothing, delivered to fashion editors. From a 2005 NY Times article: “The Mulleavy sisters' first, entirely improvised marketing effort (they are self-taught in all aspects of the business) was the creation of 30 handmade paper dolls, each delivered with a paper armoire containing seven paper Rodarte dresses.” Those paper dolls can be had for $1,000. How do I know? I emailed the Rodarte folks! If anyone has that particular set, I'd love to know!

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