Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alley Cat by Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson has had a long-running career in fashion, and her whimsical sense of style is unique. Here's a paper doll ad that appeared in Seventeen Magazine in 1972. I believe this is Betsey's own artwork. Her current line of handbags (Betseyville) features one with a paper doll motif.

I've added some images of the Betseyville bag, captured from

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jane said...

Wow, what kismet! I collect Alley Cat paper doll ads. Every so often I google to see if something new pops up and here you are!! Oddly, your Alley Cat entry was on my birthday.
What a wonderful blog. Flair Magazine, even.
I've never seen this particular ad. Most of mine come from the NY Times...usually Sunday editions. I think the "Cotton" Alley Cat ads are a little later in the series. (guess the Cotton industry wanted to cash in on a good thing.)
Anyway, so glad to find you. I'll visit lots.