Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little Nemo's Bear

Another great newspaper supplement--this time a paper doll based on the popular Little Nemo comic strip of the era. From the New York Herald, 1907. This was a gift from a fellow collector.


SylviaK said...

WOW! I'd never seen this paper doll before and didn't know there were some really old ones from the Little Nemo series. I have lots of materials on the comic series and a few original comics. The drawings and imagination of Winsor McKay are phenominal. Thanks so much for sharing this supplement.

Linda said...

I think this was very likely in the same issue of the New York Herald as Fluffy Ruffles. I wonder if a similar insert of a Fluffy paper doll will surface, in addition to the large size doll that I assume was purchased separately or through the mail.