Monday, September 3, 2007

A Charlie Chaplin cut-out

Here's an old Charlie Chaplin cut-out published by Saalfield that I bought my first night in San Antonio during an "open room" sales event, a time-honored convention tradition--vendors who are so inclined prop their hotel room door open with a chair, post a sign and get down to business, with rows of boxes on beds, bureaus, chairs, floor, countertop. It's a fun way to meet sellers and other buyers, and to chat casually and learn a lot about paper dolls and the people who collect them.

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Anonymous said...

I got some fun items at the convention, too. One of my favorites is from Marion Creamer, several newspaper pages of girls in international costumes, the Dolls of All Nations series. Irish, Arabian, Chinese, Mexican on one page. Eskimo, Roumanian, Fiji, and Moro (Moroccan??) on another. Welsh, Portuguese, Colored (this is from 1919), and Finnish on another. Norwegian, New Zealand, English, and Hindu on another. Very interesting combinations.