Thursday, July 3, 2008

Janet Leigh 1957

I get a kick out of paper doll sets that show real clothing, not necessarily the most exotic or glamorous, but a time capsule of fashion of a particular era.

Janet Leigh apparently designed her own clothing (for sale in shops? I don't know). This set is a great window on the 1950s: great fit and flair, streamlined and bouyant skirts, too. The influence of Claire McCardell is apparent.

The blue-striped dress looks a lot like the dress Sylvia Kleindinst blogged about earlier this year. Janet Leigh wore a dress in a movie that was fitted on top, but exploded in fabric right below the hip. Sylvia says she made it years ago, and it required yards of fabric. She recently found the Photoplay pattern for it on eBay, and plans to recreate the dress.

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