Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Convention Update

Many thanks to Garth Lax for sending out his e-mail updates about the convention. It was a great help to have regular reminders go out to people who planned to attend, but didn't get around to registering. I received many registration forms that were printed out from Garth's e-mails.

And thanks to all of you who shared those emails with others--either by forwarding or printing out for people who aren't online.

The Piscataway Embassy Suites has been very generous in their contract terms: our cut-off date for reservations is Tuesday, July 15. If you're reading this and plan to attend, it's important that you reserve your room now to get the hotel convention rate of $110 single/$120 double: Call 1-732-980-0500 or use the link on the right to register online.

We'll use the July 15 date for absentee souvenirs as well -- that way we can include those names in our registration program.

On the left: Marie Taglioni, 1835. This image was provided by Theriaults as part of the Shirley Fischer auction that was held in Morristown, NJ in 2006.

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