Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McLoughlin Mystery (Solved!)

McLoughlin paper dolls from the mid to late-19th century (as I believe this one is) feature children or young women with adult faces (not the cute look we associate with modern toys), serious expressions, and evocative or alliterative names (Josie Fox, Ruby Rose, Nellie Nailor, Ester Fine). If anyone knows the name of this particular doll, let me know. You can see a large stain where she was likely affixed to a scrapbook.

UPDATE (courtesy of Garth Lax): "Your doll's name is Carrie Grant. Honest. 4 costumes, 4 hats, envelope. The set is from McLoughlin Series #3. The period would be 1858/1859. See Howard, p.121."

Sure enough, there it is in Marian B. Howard's "Those Fascinating Paper Dolls." Thanks, Garth!

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