Monday, April 7, 2008

Dolly Dear

Dolly Dear was produced by the British company Spears around 1910 and has six interchangeable heads for one body. Each of the heads has a different printed name on reverse: Agnes, Edith, Fanny, Irene, Emmy and Alice. The heads slip on a tab at the top of the body, similar in design to those of Raphael Tuck. Dolly Dear is 10” tall and in its original box. The doll is embossed with a high-gloss varnish finish. In addition to costumes, the set includes large hats and accessories such as a feather boa, a teddy bear, a banjo and a handbag—all representative of Edwardian to Art Nouveau fashion.

This is the first of many items from the photo archive of Sheryl Jaeger, a dealer and collector of paper dolls and other ephemera. Most of you know Sheryl from conventions and eBay, where she sells as eclectible. (By the way, these items aren't for sale, and the photos are for public sharing, not private use.) Sheryl also appraises estate collections, and will be giving a workshop at the convention on managing your collection.

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