Friday, May 9, 2008

Raffles: Original Paper Doll Art

Original paper doll art is highly prized among collectors. I was lucky enough to win this original watercolor/pencil drawing of Eartha Kitt by Ralph Hodgdon at a convention a few years ago.

Pat O'Rourke had the excellent idea of reaching out specifically to paper doll artists for raffle donations. They're also known as helpers, because that's exactly what they are: Raffles help pay a great deal of convention expenses--most of which are not covered by the registration fee, which we try to keep as low as possible.

If you are able to make a donation, please contact our Raffles coordinator Jayne Keller at papermermaid(at)aol(dot)com and let her know the size of your artwork; she will tell you the best time and place to deliver it to her safekeeping.

The doors of the Raffle room will open early on Thursday, August 7. Ron Fong will be overseeing the Raffle room, and he can use volunteers-- the better to keep the Raffles room open longer. Interested? Let me know, and I'll pass the word to him.

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