Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Paper Doll Circle

Here's a 36- page quarterly newsletter published by Lorna Currie Thompoulos in England. Lorna uses a distinctive Do Not Bend rubber stamp on her envelope and I always look forward to the postage stamps!

In the current issue, there is a thorough reporting on the San Antonio convention by Diana Lax, with photos by Garth Lax. Then Lorna reported on the paper doll party she hosted at her home in Cobham, which drew collectors from England, Wales, Denmark and Norway. Photos of original paper dolls created by Lorna and Marie Walters for the lucky partygoers.

Also in this issue: Many photos of new paper dolls from around the world, a 1914 McLoughlin Bros. catalog, a review of an exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum on The Golden Age of Couture 1947-1957 (and two paper doll sets for sale in the museum gift shop) and a lovely photo of Marion Jennings visiting the Musee de la Poupee in Paris. Cleveland conventiongoers may remember Guido and Samy Odin, who run the museum. The picture shows a smiling Marion in Samy's paper doll room. The back cover of the newsletter has a Marion Hughes paperdoll, and there is a color insert of a male paper doll, from the 1997 collection of Italian designer, Elio Ferraro.

Also inside there's a picture showing a creative collage paper doll by Lorna of Amy Winehouse, the British r&b singer.

Subscriptions: $25. Lorna Currie Thomopoulos, 28 Ferndown Gardens, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2BH, England. Check out Lorna's My Space page:

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